Peckham Platform


SERP REACTIVATED will be represented through two exhibitions and events. The first exhibition takes place at Flat Time House in Peckham, where SERP co-founder John Latham lived and worked. The second, at Tate Exchange, will feature a selection of works from SERP, which will be reactivated within a contemporary context.

Visitors to both exhibitions will be invited to record their own opinions through ‘vox pops’ which will be added to the archive, reasserting the project’s original ambitions for art to be central to not only the curricula but to our lives.

The exhibitions will feature original artworks, oral history testimonies from original SERP participants, new work created in collaboration with young people from Charter School in Dulwich, and testimonies from original SERP members. Artworks on show include the original Southwark Puzzle by Rita Keegan and the recreation of Recycle & Discuss by John Latham through which visitors can consider ‘reusing’ and ‘re-seeing’ in order to creatively engage with discarded materials.

Alongside the exhibitions a series of free talks and events include critical voices from arts and education exploring the need for this project to take place right now.

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